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How to build a hedgehog house or den.

If you have a garden and want to encourage hedgehog activity

 and make a healthy environment with safe refuges for them.

Gardens that are good for us are not always idea for hedgehogs.


First of all, it is better if the garden is as "natural" as possible.


Areas with lots of bushes and deep hedges, leave some areas overgrown and little concrete.


It doesn't take much to make a den suitable for hosting a hedgehog or a nesting place.


A small house as in the photo, located in a quiet corner, out of the way under a hedge would be ideal.


Never put a refuge in the open, exposed to the sun or wind. It will never be inhabited by hedgehogs.


 These "houses" should have some specific dimensions:

-height of about 30/35 cm.

- an entrance corridor about 12/14 cm wide.

Come fare una tana adatta per i ricci?
Come fare una tana per i ricci?

Important points.


Almost all wild animals will feel safer when they cannot be seen from the outside.


Make an internal "chamber" of about 35/40 cm per side.


Place dry leaves and hay both in and around.

They will furnish how they like.


It needs to have a rainproof cover that is removable for emergency checks.


Equally popular dens built by hedgehogs are often under stacks of wood, pallets and between the roots of a plant.


IMPORTANT reminder:

The use of slug pellets and rat poisons cause the death of many hedgehogs, other wild animals and birds of prey.


If you use humane traps to catch live mice, please check at least twice a day to see if a hedgehog has been trapped.


The use of glue tablet traps cause pain and death even to hedgehogs

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