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Do hedgehogs carry diseases?

Are hedgehogs dangerous?

Most wild animals may possibly carry disease.

Even domestic or stray dogs and cats, if untreated.

Following correct procedures avoids infections.

The chances of any infection are much reduced if you use gloves during the handling and recovery of a hedgehog.

This will stop any puncture of the skin by the spines of a hedgehog.

Please don't handle them like toys, or worse, hold them in bare arms or even kiss them (it happens).


Hedgehogs, if they are not sick or suffering from parasites, don't carry diseases.


It is the parasites that inhabit them that might be dangerous.

When picking up a hedgehog,  

remember never use your bare hands.

After using any containers, wash and disinfect them (even using just alcohol).


Understanding the complex health issues of hedgehogs are important.


For this reason, our advice is always to deliver as soon as possible to a CRAS (in Italy), a qualified centre or to a vet.

Here are the most common diseases

that might be contracted due to 

not taking precautions:

-from ticks, Lyme disease, tick encephalitis, infections.

- from fleas, mange, of which the flea is a carrier.

-salmonella, from hedgehogs that became infected by feeding on spoiled foods.


In all cases, using appropriate precautions avoids any possibility of contagion.


Avoid letting children play with the hedgehog and/or keep it away from our pets.


Following correct procedures

avoids problems.

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