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Can hedgehogs climb?

Yes, hedgehogs are good climbers. 

As rescuers and carers, we also know, they are good escape artists

When a hedgehog is patrolling their area or looking for food,

they may well climb on fencing, nets, walls, etc.

Whilst scaling and climbing, they can sometimes endanger themselves by falling, getting stuck or becoming entangled. 


In the event of a fall from a relatively low height, the hedgehog is well protected by its shape and natural defence mechanism.


Curling themselves into a ball with the spines standing up forms a really good cushion which absorbs impact.


When a hedgehog is in being kept for recuperation it is necessary that it's placed in a high container (at least 40 cm) with smooth walls.


As soon as hedgehogs feel better and get regain their strength, they will be very keen to try to escape by climbing out using any object they find to help them.

We do not recommend the use of closed cages for hedgehogs.

Knowing their climbing habits and love of escape they could easily get stuck between bars trying to get out.


In this site, we talk about the European hedgehog, but there are other species of the same family. These are real climbers.


Only the relevant authorities in Italy are allowed to grant the temporary custody permits for keeping rescued hedgehogs.

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