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Threats and dangers to hedgehogs

Among the various dangers that threaten hedgehogs,

there are ponds and swimming pools in our gardens.

Always put gently sloping exit routes to save the lives of these animals

and other species. The hedgehog is a good swimmer but,

if they cannot easily walk out of the water on all sides, they will be drowned.

Dangers for hedgehogs, and also for many other wild animals, are often man-made.


Open holes and manholes are easy to  for hedgehogs to fall in (make sure they are covered).


Unfortunately cars (always pay close attention, especially at night).


Dog attacks are also a common injury we treat.

Traps for mice and other rodents are dangerous also to hedgehogs. If you must use, use humane ones and check them twice a day.

Hedgehogs in a dangerous place. They were rescued from a drain with a big storm coming. All saved.

Ricci in un posto pericoloso. Stava per arrivare un temporale , ma ci hanno salvati. Hedgehogs in a dangerous place.

A quick photo of a hedgehog caught in a trap. Swiftly rescued and released immediately once checked over.


Fences and netting used in growing vegetables can cause real issues with hedgehogs becoming entangled.


Jars, plastic bags, pieces of plastic and waste left abandoned are all dangerous.


Sharp or dangerous tools (try to keep gardens free of dangerous objects).


Be aware how toxic weedkillers and other substances are to all wildlife.


Glue tablets that are used for mice and birds are terrible (please never use these methods).


Dangers for hedgehogs are also of concern to the whole natural biological chain.


Predation by other wild animals, floods or droughts, however are part of nature.

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