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Albino Hedgehog and White Hedgehog.

I've found a white hedgehog is it an albino hedgehog?

It is possible, even if very rare, to find an albino hedgehog.


The cause is genetic. A lack of pigmentation. Consequently, they are not weaker or more delicate than others of their species.


Since this is the case, as always, they should only be rescued if in real difficulty.

One of their main characteristics is the red colour of the eyes.


In the wild, there are also white European hedgehogs or those with a light cream tint.


These genetic mutations have evolved over millions of years. An example is the "Hedgehog of Alderney" which takes its name from a small English island actually closer to France.


However, this hedgehog has dark eyes, so is not albino but leucistic. 

For video click on the photo!

Riccio Albino. Priscilla! Progetto Riccio Europeo. Treviso. Italia.
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