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Hedgehog Poisoning

We can list the main causes of hedgehog 

poisoning and how to avoid this.

Rat poison


Do not use

Use non-invasive traps. They catch the live rodent who can be released in a suitable place. The use of poisons causes death, further up in the food chain.


A poisoned mouse can poison a bird of prey.


The spread of these poisons is the causes of the poisoning of many other species.


Snail poison

(Slug pellets)


Do not use

The hedgehog feeds on snails (although they may transmit certain parasites).


This wild can contribute to the cleaning of the vegetable garden.

Herbicides and Insecticides


Unfortunately, the use of these poisons is not controlled in agriculture and winegrowing.


Medicines and Pesticides


Avoid administering any medication or chemical treatments without veterinary supervision. 


Appropriate stool and other tests should always be done.


When we find a hedgehog in difficulty we can understand if it is poisoned. However, symptoms may vary.

Collapsed, staggering, foaming at the mouth and, or the presence of blood.


The quick intervention of a vet can sometimes save a life.

Each poison has a different antidote. 

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