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External parasites and hedgehogs

Always use gloves.

Ticks, fleas, and hedgehog  mange treatment. 

How to treat them safely. 

Also if you see white things on a hedgehog these could be fly eggs which are very dangerous.

How to remove ticks from hedgehogs. 

Always use gloves as protection as ticks can sometimes transmit disease to humans.

It is normal to find a tick on a wild animal.


The best thing to do is to remove it manually.


Using tweezers find the "head" of the tick.


Then place the tweezers beneath the head to find the body of the tick.


Once you feel you have grasped it with the tweezers rotate with your wrist as you gently pull the tick away.


The twist makes removal so much easier.



Put the tick on a paper towel to check that you have extracted it entirely, then kill it. 

Then drop it in a small container of olive oil and move on to the next tick if there are several ticks to remove.


If the amount of ticks is high, it usually means that the hedgehog is quite sick or weak.


In fact, hedgehogs, if in good condition, manage to remove these parasites by themselves.

A vet will be able to identify the problem and administer the appropriate drugs.

Hedgehog Flea Removal Kit.

Kit per togliere le pulci ad un riccio. Progetto Riccio Europeo.
Neo Foractil Ricci.

Treating and removing fleas and hedgehogs.


The presence of fleas is normal in the wild.


First of all, for our safety, plastic disposable gloves should always be used.


For treating fleas we use 

Neo Foractil.  


This comes as a spray but should never be, sprayed directly on the hedgehog.


We get a makeup removal pad or even a folded up tissue and spray closely into the pad for 5 seconds. You will feel cold liquid through the plastic glove. 

Then wipe the pad along the back and sides of the hedgehog a few times in the direction the spines follow. Otherwise, the pad will disintegrate. 

It is sufficient for the  Neo Foractil to remain only on the spines on the back of the hedgehog to effective in killing all the fleas.

Neo Foractil

This is powerful and should never be applied directly to the face or any other part of the hairy skin of the hedgehog please. 


Quarantining the treated hedgehog in a box covered with a veil for 2 or 3 hours to allow all the fleas to be eliminated prevents the contamination of any other pets or people.


Then a thorough clean of the box is necessary afterwards.

Hedgehog flea and mite mange.


This illness must always be treated by a vet using powerful drugs.

Carried by mites and transmitted most often by fleas, the mange looks like a thick patch of white / mother of pearl scales, with crusts, loss of spines and ulcerated skin. 


It is generally found on the head, but can also affect the rest of the body.


Strictly avoid any possibility of infection! This is a nasty one if contracted by humans.


Always use gloves

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