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Should you ever give cow's milk to a hedgehog?

No Never!

Hedgehog babies drink only their own mother's milk. 

Never ever give milk to any hedgehog either young or old.

This information about hedgehogs is vital to know.

When you want to give a hedgehog something to drink. 

Keep it simple. 

Clean water in a low sided bowl is enough to satisfy a hedgehog's thirst.

You should never ever say that you gave a hedgehog milk and it drank. When these animals are starved they will eat whatever

is offered and available to keep themselves alive.

Why is cow's milk so bad for hedgehogs?


Cow's milk is very bad for hedgehogs because they can't digest it at all.


A hedgehog's stomach does not contain the right enzymes to process lactose.


Milk contains lactose, a natural sugar, which cannot be broken down by a hedgehog's digestive system.


Giving a hedgehog of any age milk will cause digestive disorders with serious consequences.


The animal will feel very bad and get diarrhoea and 95% of the time the condition will be fatal.

Rearing Orphaned babies in care. 


For the care of orphaned babies, we recommend specialized and high-quality milk powder.


Goat's milk can sometimes be given, but only briefly and only in an emergency. 


The fat molecules in goats milk are one-fifth the size of the fat molecules in cow's milk, making it a bit easier to digest. But this is far from ideal. 

At this stage we use


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I ricci neonati vanno nutriti con latte speciale ~ Progetto Riccio Europeo
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