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Hedgehog Project


I've seen a hedgehog!

What do I do?

Not every hedgehog needs rescuing

Find hedgehog Help Centres

Go to our interactive maps on the

Hedgehog rescue centres page.


How to find us

Our Story


Progetto Riccio Europeo is a self-funded 

association of 21 volunteers which rescues and releases hedgehogs.

We love our work

We are a group of trained hedgehog carers working closely with the local wildlife authorities.

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Progetto Riccio Europeo. Italia.

Our work with



We advise the public by phone, Facebook, email and WhatsApp every day.

Rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Discover the different hedgehog projects we have

to help and support them.

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Upcoming Projects to finance.


We are self-funded. 

No one has a wage. We rely solely on the financial help of our supporters.

The information in this site is based on 18 years of practical experience, careful collaborative hedgehog research and sound data.


Thank you to all the experienced rescue centres across Europe who have contributed and advised as we have built this resource for hedgehogs.

Latest News.

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For urgent messages please only use telephone or Facebook.

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