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Hedgehog rescue centre contact details

Find help for hedgehogs in difficulty in your area

Please be considerate, many hedgehog rescuers

 are volunteers who need to sleep. 


If you see a hedgehog during the day call straight away, not late at night.


There are some 24-hour centres

in this list.

If you have plenty of experience in rescuing hedgehogs and would like to be included in this list please send us a message via our Facebook page.

Would like to learn to become a volunteer?

All our hedgehog volunteers are required to complete training courses. 

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Here are the types of information that are most useful to a hedgehog rescue centre.

Remember Exactly Where You Found it. 


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Is it warm to the touch?

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Use gloves when handling a hedgehog.

The speed with which you call the authorities or a vet can save hedgehog lives, also think if it needs rescuing or not.

For example if we find a female during the day,

by rescuing her unnecessarily we risk killing her babies.

Hedgehog translated into Italian is Riccio.

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