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Looking after rescued hedgehogs and the law.

The protection and rescue of a hedgehog.

Our care is always temporary.

After rescue recovering hedgehogs should be kept for as short a time as possible.  

In Italy and many other countries the law prohibits the capture of healthy wild hedgehogs and doing so is a criminal offence.


It is lawful to rescue any sick or injured wild animal in danger.


So, before rescuing a hedgehog and removing it from nature, we need to be sure it needs help.

The fact is our spiky friends are very familiar with the places they frequent and know perfectly.


Removing a hedgehog from its natural environment means putting it in serious difficulty.


This should only be done when it's safety and welfare is in danger.

If a rescue is necessary please remember.

A hedgehog is a delicate wild animal.


Carrying it around,

sharing it with friends and relatives,

subjecting it to selfies,


passing it from one child to another,

will create enormous stress for the animal.

Call the relevant authorities or rescue centres immediately, then proceed to a temporary arrangement for the recovery of the hedgehog.


Click on Useful Telephone Numbers

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If not injured, first warm-up and keep warm. (Click on the Hypothermia button) Place the hedgehog carefully in a cardboard box, ideally at least 40 cm high and lined with newspapers a wrapped bottle of warm water. 

Una ciotolina con acqua ed una con crocchette per gatti (triturate o ammollate in acqua se il riccio non è adulto) e il nostro esemplare è per il momento a posto.

In caso di riccio ferito, con presenza di uova o larve di mosca, evitare qualsiasi fonte di calore.

Never give

Cow's milk and dairy (cheeses)

Starchy foods (bread, sweets)

Fruit and vegetables

Raw meat or food suitable for other animals


The most difficult thing is the rescue of a newborn baby.


These rarely survive in the hands of the inexperienced. Click on NEWBORN.

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