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Flea treatment and removal from hedgehogs

It is normal to find some fleas on any wild animal including hedgehogs. 

Following proper procedures avoids contamination.

Never pick up or touch a hedgehog without gloves.

Fleas are external parasites common to all wild animals.


The administration of flea ampoules must absolutely be done by a vet or an expert.

It can be very toxic to a hedgehog.

These parasites, as well as being very annoying, can infest our home and our pets. They can also be carriers of some diseases (mange).

 Simple precautions can make us safe

from this:

- never pick up or touch a wild without protection - immediately put it in a container and cover it with a light fabric

- hand it over to the authorities as soon as possible (CRAS in Italy, an

authorized centre, or vet)


If this is not possible within a short time, we can eliminate the fleas ourselves.

We use a spray Neo-Foractil.

Never spray it directly on to the hedgehog.

After putting on gloves, we spray this for about 5 seconds on a pad well away from the hedgehog.

Just soak the pad (or gauze) well and wipe this pad only on the spines.

If this action is carried out correctly, the fleas will begin to fall and die in a few minutes and the hedgehog will not be intoxicated.

The hedgehog must be kept in isolation.


Avoid using any pesticide on babies and infants 

(only for Vets in very rare cases).

Kit per togliere le pulci ad un riccio. Progetto Riccio Europeo. Italia. Hedgehog Flea Removal Kit.





Neo-Foractil Ricci. Come tolgo le pulci di un riccio?
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