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How to remove ticks from a hedgehog.

Many wild animals may be found with ticks including hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs with serious health issues may have lots of ticks.

Always use gloves to protect yourself.

Ticks can sometimes cause serious illness to humans.


Bring gloves for recovery and protection.


Place the hedgehog in a high

sided box with kitchen roll.

The white paper will make it easier for us to see if a tick has dropped from the hedgehog and, if it starts to move, it may become dangerous.

Keep the hedgehog in a place

away from children and pets.

If you find a hedgehog with a single tick and are unsure how to proceed, it's best to contact a qualified centre straight away.

Never use antibiotics without first checking with a vet.

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Hedgehog Tick 

Removal Kit.

This hedgehog made a full recovery

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Removing a tick is delicate. If it's not removed completely or correctly, it may cause serious damage to the hedgehog.


Place the hedgehog on a white background

(a sleeper or white kitchen roll on the surface will make it easier to see if a tick falls from the hedgehog),

use protective gloves


and a jar with oil. 


  • find the tick or ticks

  • with two fingers (gloves on) try to widen the spines around the parasite

  • with tweezers, take the tick AT THE BASE pull whilst making a slight rotation. The rotation is important to get the whole tick off in one go.


It is important that the tick is extracted with the head attached to the body.


For this reason, place the removed tick on a paper towel and check that you have taken the entire parasite.


Drop the tick in the jar with the oil.

This avoids any contamination.

Our advice is to have someone experienced or a vet perform this procedure.


She or he can decide, based on the number of ticks found and the state of the hedgehog, whether to also administer antibiotics.


Maximum care and attention are required.


Ticks may transmit serious diseases.


Please always use gloves, be careful and wash your hands afterwards.

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