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Fly egg removal and treatment and hedgehogs.

It is essential to act immediately and correctly, to avoid very serious consequences.

How to recognise if fly eggs are present on a hedgehog.

This is a good example of when quick delivery of a hedgehog to a vet can save its life.

We invite you to read the button Eggs and fly larvae.

To reproduce, flies lay their eggs on the exposed flesh of a wound or on a very sick or injured hedgehog too weak to react.

They can smell the flesh from a great distance.


When we find a hedgehog in distress or injured, checking if it has eggs or flies larvae is extremely important.

Look out for

White flecks or small white bits, balls or marks.

Small white worms

In a few hours, the eggs hatch and the larvae begin to feed on the hedgehog.

Quick handing over to an expert, rescue centre or a vet is urgent and indispensable.


If this is not possible in a short time, we can clean the hedgehog trying to save its life.

Questo riccio ha recuperato completamente.

Removing fly eggs from a hedgehog levare uova e larve di mosca Progetto Riccio Europeo

What we need.

A disinfectant. 

Betadine or hydrogen peroxide

An old clean and dry toothbrush.

Or a Rimmel eye brush.

Cotton or small pads

(face cleaning pads).



Riccio: levare uova e larve di mosca. Removing fly eggs from a hedgehog. Progetto Riccio Europeo.

Kit for removing fly

eggs and larvae

from a hedgehog.

Work carefully on a well-lit surface and brush away the eggs with a dry toothbrush. If this becomes damp is more difficult to move the eggs and becomes more dangerous.


Be careful not to scatter the eggs on the hedgehog.


If the hedgehog is injured, remove any larvae with disinfected tweezers and spray with disinfectant.


It is important to check the mouth, nose, ears, eyes and genitals: those are the areas where flies prefer to lay their eggs.


A vet may bathe with a suitable product and possibly give powerful appropriate drugs.


The speed of delivery to expert hands can save the hedgehog's life.


This hedgehog made a full recovery.

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