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I've seen a hedgehog walking weirdly

Hedgehog walking slowly


What to do if you see a hedgehog that is walking oddly, wobbly, seems drunk, moving strangely, and with no purpose or not moving at all.

If we find a hedgehog walking badly or not moving it is certain to be in trouble and needs our immediate help.

Unless they are very sick hedgehogs will usually hide away quickly or curl up and act defensively and even hiss when they spot human activity near them. If they don't do any of these and stay motionless they may be in serious trouble.


When we find a hedgehog walking with a limp, swinging or moving as if it were drunk, it may be injured, sick or suffering from serious parasitosis.


You should definitely retrieve it (always use gloves or wrap in cloth) and immediately call a CRAS (wild animal recovery centre in Italy), the provincial police or a qualified centre.


These are always hedgehogs in serious difficulty, so the speed of transfer to a vet or rescue centre can save their lives.

If you notice wounds, you must prevent flies from laying their eggs on the wound by covering the container containing the hedgehog with a veil or light fabric.

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