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A Hedgehog coughing

Coughing in a hedgehog can be a symptom of parasitosis or infection. To find out more, click on the buttons below.

A obvious way to check if the hedgehog has breathing difficulties is to

Lift it up and listen to its breathing.


Do you hear any noise? 


It should be completely silent if it breaths normally. 

When they are annoyed they huff and puff but this is very easy to recognise as they tend to move aggressively at the same time.


If you hear anything at all contact an expert immediately. 

Problems of parasites and infections

Always use gloves when rescuing a wild hedgehog to protect yourself.

If you hear wheezing or coughing this is often serious. Contact a vet or experienced hedgehog rescue centre immediately.

Pneumonia or internal parasites are the likely causes.

If left untreated for too long, the hedgehog will die.

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