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Hedgehogs found out and about in winter.

Although winter is a period of hibernation, hedgehogs can be sometimes found out and about, either day or night.

If a hedgehog is found in December, it is likely to be from a late litter and underweight.

A Hedgehog found during winter may be for various reasons.

Milder winters and climate change.

We are now seeing hedgehogs waking up more often, hibernating less and looking for food more frequently during winters.

Underweight hedgehogs.

If the fat reserves are finished up, a hedgehog will wake up and then has to find food. When the climate is cold there are then fewer insects and less of their food. For this reason, we recommend leaving cat biscuits and water in low sided bowls available in your garden during the winter.

At what weight in winter should a hedgehog be considered in difficulty and be rescued?

There are many studies done on this topic. If a hedgehog weighs less than 250 grams (like a large orange) should be rescued.

Hedgehog predators.

In winter, not all wildlife goes into hibernation. Badgers, foxes, nocturnal birds of prey and also dogs can prey on hibernating hedgehogs causing injuries. 

Riccio predato.

In inverno, non tutti i selvatici vanno in letargo. Tassi, volpi, rapaci notturni ma anche cani possono predare un riccio addormentato procurando ferite. In questo caso, l'animale comincerà a vagare in cerca di salvezza.

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