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Dogs, Dog Bites, Cats and Hedgehogs.

Dogs have a strong hunting instinct so they tends to prey

on any hedgehog entering their territory.

Many hedgehogs are brought here with dog bite wounds.

For help and advice click the button below.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that hedgehogs have very few problems with cats. It is really only with dogs.


Although solitary by its nature, hedgehogs can coexist peacefully with some of our pets.


They will happily feed on the food we leave outside in the garden for our cats.


Please also always leave out a shallow bowl of fresh water alongside as these biscuits are quite dry.

Riccio in presenza di cani e gatti. Progetto Riccio Europeo
Riccio in presenza di cani (e gatti)

Hedgehogs will often take refuge in quiet hidden parts of the garden, under our hedges, under garden sheds or piles of garden waste outside.


When a hedgehog is in danger call in and keep any dogs indoors. With any bites or injuries phone a qualified centre in your area and follow the advice provided in this site.

In order to save the hedgehog from further dog attacks, it is recommended to pick it up and move it to a much safer area.

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