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Is a Hedgehog found in daytime always in trouble?

They are very nocturnal animals so they could easily be in

difficulty if seen during the day.

However this is not always the case.

New mothers looking for food can be found during the day and, if we take them, their young

will starve and die of hypothermia.

Always use gloves and a tee shirt or some cloth to wrap when handling.

When a hedgehog is seen in the day

very often there is a problem.


They are in likely to be trouble if they walk strangely, or slowly (as if drunk) or aimlessly round in circles. 

If they are found lying on their sides, or in the open, without trying to hide this is a clearer sign they are seriously ill.


Hedgehogs do not "sunbathe", so if it is stationary, it is not

warming itself up... it is in difficulty.

Rescue straight away please and call a hedgehog centre don't wait and see if they don't move.

For more detailed advice click on the button below.


We repeat. Not all hedgehogs found in the daytime are in trouble. If it is not visibly ill, it could be a mom looking for food.


If the mum is rescued by mistake, her babies will die of starvation and hypothermia quickly. When we find a female in difficulty, we must always check carefully around where she is seen to see if there is a nest with babies nearby.

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