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I found a hedgehog nest with hoglets

and no mom around.

We need to ask the question do they seem cold

and as if abandoned for some time. 

Nobody is able to take care of baby hoglets better than their mom.

We must know what to look out for and how to observe.

Are they agitated and complaining? Are they cold?

Are we sure mom can't go back to the nest?

In this case, immediately contact a recovery centre or experienced people

and carefully follow their advice.

Our mistake at this stage can be fatal for newborns.

If we don't see mother immediately, it doesn't mean that the little ones are necessarily abandoned.

Before picking up a brood, make sure their mom hasn't just gone out to eat.

Without disturbing the nest or the location.

No photos, selfies with the little ones, no moving the nest or touching the babies.


If we are sure the hoglets are orphaned or abandoned.

Rescue + give warmth first

and immediately,

Never cow's milk.


Immediately call an experienced hedgehog rescue centre via button below.

Cucciolo di riccio comune. Ricci Neonati abbandonati Baby hedgehogs abandoned by mum. Progetto Riccio Europeo Italia
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