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I've found  a nest of baby hedgehogs together

with their mother what should I do?

If a nest is found with both mother and baby hoglets together,

the best thing to do is not to touch anything.

No photos, no disturbance. Put everything back as it was and leave them alone.

If you happen to find them in imminent danger

(dogs, work in progress, dangerous places)


Before rescue

always contact an expert

or a qualified center.

Proceed carefully following the instructions that will be provided.


A stressed mother may abandon or even kill her babies.

This is not a sweet photo, it is a photo of hedgehogs in tremendous difficulty.

Ricci Neonati e Mama. Newborn baby hedgehogs found with mother. Progetto Riccio Europeo Italia.

This brood in grave danger was rescued and saved.

Ricci- Mamma con picolli. Progetto Riccio Europeo.


We were lucky to have saved them.


If it is possible to put everything back as it was without disturbing do this.

If you think the mother will flee rescue altogether.

Occasionally we get a mother brought in full of milk. We have to rush back to where the mother was found. Find the babies and reunite. Sometimes we are lucky and hear the babies cry for their mother. 


Get help and advice.


No photos, no selfies,

Don't touch

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