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What to do if you have found a collapsed hedgehog. 

I found a  hedgehog that is not moving.

A hedgehog is collapsed when we find it lying on its side,

immobile, either day or night.

When a collapsed hedgehog is found, immediate rescue is absolutely necessary.

Over 90% of the rescued hedgehogs we receive are in hypothermia.
You can easily check.
If they don't feel nice and war(35°C) to the touch
they are in hypothermia.

Immediately call the competent authorities (CRAS, in Italy or a rescue centre near you from our list).

The speed of delivery to expert hands can save tiny lives.

The causes that can lead a hedgehog to collapse may vary:


Presence of internal parasites

Severe dehydration

Debilitation in courtship periods

Impact trauma

Serious infections


Urgent veterinary care is needed in all of the above cases.

Collapsed hedgehogs are normally also hypothermic (cold) so absolutely avoid giving water or food.

Trovato un riccio collassato. Visto un riccio che non si muove.

This hedgehog has made a complete recovery.

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