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Hedgehog with white marks.

The importance of removing fly eggs from hedgehogs immediately. 

If you find a hedgehog in difficulty and see that it has white areas with different thicknesses and crusts.

If it looks like Mother of Pearl-like scaling with flakes mainly on the nose, neck or legs 

it is possible that this is Flea Mange.

If the white marks look different and are more like white specs they could be dangerous fly eggs. Again we need to rescue and act quickly.

Flea Mange.

This is tricky and sometimes takes a long period of time to cure properly.

This infection or illness will have to be treated by a vet or an experienced carer with particular and very powerful and dangerous drugs.

If given in incorrect dosages or too frequently it kills the hedgehog.

Caught in time is easy to treat but the parasites work under the skin and can spread invisibly very quickly especially in warmer weather.

When it is at an advanced stage the crusts rise leaving uncovered ulcerations on which the flies can lay their eggs.

It is a clinical situation that must be managed absolutely and quickly

by a vet or by expert people.

Notify a hedgehog recovery center immediately and report the situation.


The hedgehog must be kept in isolation (box closed with HOLES FOR AIR) in quarantine.

Only a vet will be able to evaluate whether it is mange or other pathology and, consequently, how to proceed with the correct therapies.


We recommend  to proceed with caution using gloves and protection.

Riccio Rogna di Pulci bianco sul naso. A hedgehog with white patches. Possibly flea mange in early stage, needs expert treatment immediately. Progetto Riccio Europeo Italia.

Mange can be difficult and take time to cure.

Never bare hands,

never contact with children.

Riccio con Macchie Bianche. La Rogna Delle Pulci. Progetto Riccio Europeo.
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